Edit: the title of this post was changed from "why i left #Educolor" to just #educolor because we're all brothers and sisters and we're all growing and learning together. It's all love. I am writing this post in solidarity with my friend Melinda D. Anderson, who announced her resignation from Educolor this week. I am … Continue reading #EduColor

An Interview with Rusul Alrubail

My interview with Doug Peterson. On HigherEd, #EduColor & more!

doug --- off the record

Doug: Thanks for agreeing to do this interview, Rusul. You’re another person that I’ve never met in person so I’ll skip my normal first question. We met on Twitter, right?

Rusul رسل

Rusul: Indeed we did. You started following me through a list of Ontario Educators.

Doug:  OK, confession time here.  I love your writing but I suspect that I miss a great deal of it since you publish in many places other than your blog.  Where can we find the complete works of Rusul?

Rusul: My own website: www.rusulalrubail.com Actually, I will be launching a new website soon, hopefully with the same address, and I am really looking forward to it! I try to cross post everything on my personal website, but often forget or don’t have the time. I also write on Medium.com, Edutopia, Teaching Tolerance, PBSNewshour, and Education Week.

Doug:  One of my favourite posts appeared over the summer…

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Moments learned from #HipHopSTEM

https://twitter.com/RusulAlrubail/status/581474270691270656 On Friday March 27 I was part of HipHopSTEM: a HipHop Education STEMposium. The day was composed of workshops for the students and teachers, a keynote by Dr. Chris Emdin, and a motivational/talent HipHop show. I co-facilitated a workshop with Mustefa Jo'shen. https://twitter.com/mustefaJ/status/581449783270895617 Our workshop's purpose was to empower students through their favourite music. … Continue reading Moments learned from #HipHopSTEM