The Community of School: Some #Educon Takeaways

This weekend I attended #Educon conference in Philly. It was held in the Science & Leadership Academy, and the opening keynote panel for Friday evening was held at the Franklin Institute. It's my first time in Philadelphia, so I was really looking forward to attending, and presenting. My friends, Xian and Melinda, and I held … Continue reading The Community of School: Some #Educon Takeaways

Don’t let anyone tell you to change who you are

Marty Keltz and Jena Ball started a campaign for #NotPerfectHatClub. It celebrates that all kids are perfectly not perfect. Many educators became part of this campaign to celebrate students' and our own imperfections. I loved the idea and wanted to be a fan as well. I wanted to share a picture of my #NotPerfectHat. Then I … Continue reading Don’t let anyone tell you to change who you are

#SlowchatED: Educators Empowering Student Voice

This past week I had the lovely honour of moderating #slowchatED, and the topic was Student Voice. There was a lot of energy especially the first few days of the chat. Participants were driven to empower each other and discuss strategies and techniques they use in their classrooms to empower student voice. Let me preface this … Continue reading #SlowchatED: Educators Empowering Student Voice

#SlowchatED: Empowering Student Voice in the Classroom & Beyond

My Guest blog post for #SlowChatEd week of February 2. Topic is: Empowering Student Voice in the Classroom and Beyond.


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Rusul Alrubail‘s guest blog post for #slowchatED Week of February 2.

Student voice and autonomy is so important to foster in a learning environment. When students are empowered in the learning process their motivation and engagement with learning automatically increases. The results are positive for both the teacher and students when students take charge and become active agents in their own learning.

I wrote about student autonomy a few months ago here:

This was my most recommended and viewed post for a while, and I think it’s because so many of us believe in the power of student voice.

Student voice is important because:

  • It allows students to be empowered to learn.
  • It creates active agents in…

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