Coffee Mornings: What’s your morning routine?

In a COVID19 world, where many of us are working from home, finding a work life/balance can be challenging, especially for working parents. Establishing a morning routine, and setting boundaries with a work schedule can help alleviate some of the stress many of us are experiencing. What's a routine that has worked for you as an entrepreneur?

Changing the Narrative: media, podcasting, storytelling. What’s your story?

When we think about access to media, news, radio, and broadcasting, we often think of white, heteronormative thoughts, ideologies and voices put together to formulate our society's collective voice. This is not representative of marginalized voices; voices who have fought and spoken up about equity, peace, justice, and democracy for centuries. Voices who have fought … Continue reading Changing the Narrative: media, podcasting, storytelling. What’s your story?

About Me

My name is Rusul, I founded Parkdale Centre in early 2017, to fill the accessibility and inclusivity gap to innovation, tech and entrepreneurship, especially for underrepresented groups: women, newcomers and those from low-income backgrounds. Before Parkdale Centre, I co-founded The Writing Project, a student publishing platform used in the U.S. by educators and students to … Continue reading About Me