Ways To Build ‘Authentic Engagement’ & Not ‘Strategic Compliance’

Originally posted on Larry Ferlazzo's Education Week Teacher Column: Student participation is a very important aspect in classroom learning for teachers and students. There are several strategies that teachers can implement and practice in their classroom to support student participation. These strategies are long term pedagogical goals for teachers. It is the hope that if they … Continue reading Ways To Build ‘Authentic Engagement’ & Not ‘Strategic Compliance’

The importance of talking about race/culture & the immigration experience

I wrote an article for PBS Newshour on the importance of discussing race/culture and the immigration experience with students: Last summer I received a message from family in Iraq letting me know that a few of my second cousins were volunteering to join the Iraqi army to fight the Islamic State group. Miles and continents … Continue reading The importance of talking about race/culture & the immigration experience

Moments learned from #HipHopSTEM

https://twitter.com/RusulAlrubail/status/581474270691270656 On Friday March 27 I was part of HipHopSTEM: a HipHop Education STEMposium. The day was composed of workshops for the students and teachers, a keynote by Dr. Chris Emdin, and a motivational/talent HipHop show. I co-facilitated a workshop with Mustefa Jo'shen. https://twitter.com/mustefaJ/status/581449783270895617 Our workshop's purpose was to empower students through their favourite music. … Continue reading Moments learned from #HipHopSTEM

#SlowchatED: Educators Empowering Student Voice

This past week I had the lovely honour of moderating #slowchatED, and the topic was Student Voice. There was a lot of energy especially the first few days of the chat. Participants were driven to empower each other and discuss strategies and techniques they use in their classrooms to empower student voice. Let me preface this … Continue reading #SlowchatED: Educators Empowering Student Voice

Let them Write: Let it be their voice

Writing is a prominent practice in an English Language classroom. It is the essence of an English class. Writing is a necessity. Since writing holds such value in our English classrooms, let alone real life, students of course need opportunities to practice writing during class time. Of course as English teachers we do provide students … Continue reading Let them Write: Let it be their voice