How Philanthropy Needs to Transform to Meet the Challenges of the Moment

Philanthropy has lost track of itself in recent years, as other sectors like tech have come to dominate dialogue around the future.

This month, I’ve collaborated with Worth Media and New Profit to share about the current state of philanthropy and the change that is needed to make the sector more equitable for Black and people of colour leaders. This post is an introduction to the ‘Rearchitecting the Future Through Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship: A Tectonic Shift in Mindsets and Actions‘ online event series. The series will focus on a variety of topics at the intersections of philanthropy, from education, work, democracy to healthcare. Check out the brief synopsis of the article below, and feel free to read the full article here.

Transformative, equitable change is needed right now to set America on a path to realizing the true ideals of its founding. Philanthropy has lost track of itself in recent years, as other sectors like tech have come to dominate dialogue around the future. However, throughout history, philanthropy has taken bold steps before others were ready to and has led the way to a more inclusive America. On the road to that goal, we must shift our mindsets and re-architect the systems that have contributed to entrenched disparities. We need to rediscover philanthropy’s love of radical humanity and show the rest of the country the way to equity. 

Image Credit: joel muniz on Unsplash

The challenge is clear, but so is the opportunity: These systems were designed by humans and they can be redesigned by humans. Indeed, visionary social entrepreneurs across America are showing us a path toward a more equitable future across education, workforce development, public health, criminal justice and other areas.

In this new online series from Worth and New Profit, ‘Rearchitecting the Future Through Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship,’ we will be engaging with philanthropists, nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and business leaders about how philanthropy and other sectors can transform and drive more progress in the fight for equity in America.

Entrepreneurs at Parkdale Centre discussing their challenges and working on their business roadmaps

My name is Rusul Alrubail, and I’m writing from the perspective of an inner-city resident, working to support diverse entrepreneurs on the front lines of solving problems directly impacting their communities from health care to education, culture, mental health and technology.

Read the rest of the post here.

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