Moments learned from #HipHopSTEM On Friday March 27 I was part of HipHopSTEM: a HipHop Education STEMposium. The day was composed of workshops for the students and teachers, a keynote by Dr. Chris Emdin, and a motivational/talent HipHop show. I co-facilitated a workshop with Mustefa Jo'shen. Our workshop's purpose was to empower students through their favourite music. … Continue reading Moments learned from #HipHopSTEM

A guest post by David Garcia: “I am Community”

Here is a guest blog post written by David Garcia. David is a Middle School English Language Learner Teacher in Wisconsin, Innovation Coach, Co teach with Math and Language Arts teachers in 7th/8th Grades.  I've learned a lot from David about perseverance, authenticity, and doing what's best for the kids. He is a great contributor … Continue reading A guest post by David Garcia: “I am Community”