What Teachers Do Well

I am working on a post for Edutopia about what it means to be a great teacher, which led me to think about all the things that teachers are good at simply because they are teachers.

So what do teachers do well?

  • Listen to others.
  • Organize schedules, planners, agendas, lessons.
  • Staying positive despite being tired
  • Talking!
  • Being mediators
  • Creativity
  • Improvise
  • Debate

Mia MacMeekin created this amazing infographic that really illustrates what teachers do well:


There are so many things that teachers do well because at the core of teaching is a very humanistic mission, and that is to reach and improve the lives of every student through learning in our classrooms.

One thought on “What Teachers Do Well

  1. I really love this post, because it is celebrating all of the things that we do. Thank you for this…I agree 100%. Also, great find on the infographic. I enjoyed reading between the lines lol.


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