Parent Challenge: That First Day Greeting

momanddaughterI was just chatting with my sister about first day of school, our fears and anxieties about our kids starting kindergarten and daycare! For those of you who know, I am currently full-time at home with my two young daughters. My oldest, 4 will start kindergarten this September, and my youngest 2.5 will start daycare for the first time.

I am dreading so much of it and I never thought that I would feel this way when the day finally comes when I don’t have my days full of juggling kids activities, shopping, playgrounds, and so many other things that keep me occupied with them throughout the day.

Anyway, my sister mentioned how when she dropped her kids off at daycare, she and her daughter immediately knew who was their favourite teacher, and that was determined by how they were greeted at the start of the day. She said “You know how some teachers greet the kids with a big hello, a hug and I am so happy to see you tone?” I said yes! I know what you mean.

My biggest worry is that my daughter will not be greeted in the same way that the other kids are greeted by her teachers. I can’t really describe the other greeting, it’s something about the tone and smile that makes you feel like, hmm maybe the teacher isn’t so happy to see her…As a parent, I want my daughter to have someone there that truly shows her they care about her.

First impressions as we all know, make such a huge impact on us and how we form our future relationships. And first impressions are connected with first morning greetings, because those are the impressions we make to follow us for the rest of the day.

Let’s make sure that this start of the school year, we’re genuinly happy to see all kids and their parents. I know this is tough, but at the same time, can you imagine the impact this will have on the students’ day? Can you imagine the impact you’ll have when the parents sees that greeting? They can walk away with relief that they left their child in good hands.


4 thoughts on “Parent Challenge: That First Day Greeting

  1. This is one of my least favorite things about the first day of school. I have five children, and 3 of them are currently in school. We have had our fair share of great and not so wonderful teachers throughout the years. This really hit home as I will be heading to our school’s “meet and greet” night in the next couple weeks.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Samy! I can imagine that with more kids, the more you experience a wide range of teachers. Wishing you and kiddos the best of luck this year.


  2. Rusulal, as a parent and an educator we have such a unique perspective on our children’s learning. Watching them leave for school is such an important event in our ( and their) lives. This is a powerful reminder to all of us that every student we see every day is someone’s daughter or son. Let us treat them as we desire our children to be treated ! Best of luck to your girls.

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    1. Thank you so much Eric! I am sure that most teachers’ first priority is to build great relationships with students at the start of the year. Best of luck to you too in the new year, you’re an amazing parent and teacher 🙂

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