Writing Tips

Image by Rebeca Zuniga, for The Writing Project

This post was originally published on The Writing Project.

Introduce your Subject:

If you are discussing a story, textbook, article, or a person, you need to introduce and mention the name of the subject and source. For example, “In the book, ‘Of Mice and Men’ the theme of loneliness is prominent to our understanding of the characters.”

Make an Argument:

Your thesis needs to be debatable. If no one can disagree with you, it’s a fact not an opinion.

Use the Active Voice:

Instead of “it has been said” tell us who really said this “The New York Times indicates…”. This is affirmative, informative and clear.

Outline Your Main Points:

This is called signposting because it signals to your reader the points that will be covered throughout the essay.

Be Original:

A thesis statement is your point of view. No one can speak for you but yourself! Be creative, inspiring, and powerful with your thoughts and ideas.

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