My One Word for 2015

Many educators are sharing their One Word of 2015. I thought a bit about the elements that motivate one to choose a word that would define them for the new year.

Our past.

Our present.

Our future.

The element of time mixed with the experience gained throughout it allow us to see ourselves, our actions, our hopes and our dreams moving forward.

What have we done? What have we neglected? What will we do? how will we do it? who will it impact? how have others impacted our actions? most importantly, our inactions?

What will we change in ourselves?

Many questions we might not have the answer to.

Last year was a big year for me:

  • I had a beautiful baby girl in January.
  • I went through adjusting to motherhood with a baby and a toddler, and still am from then on.
  • I became a connected educators.
    • joined twitter and built a professional learning community there.
    • started blogging.
    • initiated and organized the successful EdCampToronto.
    • joined Edutopia as a community facilitator, where i regularly contribute with writing and community resources.
  • worked on The Writing Project, an essay writing app for students, which will launch soon!
  • went back to teaching at Seneca College.
  • 8609969324_27917ce206_o
    I relate to this quote by Marilyn Monroe as I think of my current teaching situation, and take comfort in knowing that better things lie ahead.

    dealt with the adjuntifiction of college education there, you can read all about it here.

  • starting to see some light in the sky.
  • focused to find my passion.

I am now convinced that 2015 will be a great year for me as an educator. To help other educators find their voice, and empower them with what I have learned. I am also convinced that 2015 is the year that I will be learning from many educators and they will empower me with their knowledge.


So if you’re still reading past this, my word is: DRIVEN.

I am driven to succeed despite all odds. I am driven to help myself as a learner, as an educator, as a mother, as a woman. I am driven to pass on my knowledge to others, and with their help I am driven to learn and to inspire others.

Driven to empowerment. Driven to inspiration.

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