A few Fabulous Resources for English Teachers

There are countless digital resources to use for English teachers. Here are some of my recent and classic favourite resources for teachers to use in the classroom:


  1. The Purdue Online Writing Lab: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/ This site is very helpful to direct students for extra help with writing, composition, grammar, citation and much more. It is also useful because it’s target to students of all ages. My college students often referred to it when writing their essays, but the site also has a section for middle school students.
  2. Adventures in Writing, Stanford Online: http://online.stanford.edu/course/adventures-writing This OpenEd course is new and I found out about it today. It’s a series of graphic novel style learning modules designed to help with writing. I am very interested in this course because it’s designed to cover not only the technical aspects of writing but also argumentation and rhetoric. Plus the graphic novel style is great for visual learners.
  3. ReadWriteThink: http://www.readwritethink.org/ This site is an Open Education Resource. It contains many lesson plans for K12 English teachers. I like that you can search by topic for a specific lesson plan.
  4. Seneca College Learning Centre Resources: https://inside.senecacollege.ca/learningcentres/writing-exchange These downloadable documents are available to non-seneca students and teachers as well. The resources contain tip sheets on Grammar, essay writing, compare & contrast essay, citation and much more.
  5. Open Educational Resources: https://www.oercommons.org Many teachers are unaware that this massive open resource site exists. It’s amazing for lesson plans, ideas, handouts, and everything else you need for your classroom. The great thing about it is you can search by topic or subject and grade level.

If you have a favourite resource that you use in your English classroom please share in the comments!

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