What dreams are made of…

tumblr_lww0zmmaup1qgi114o1_1280Are you a dreamer? Do you dream often? Do you day dream? Do you remember your dreams when you wake up? Do your dreams speak to you? give you perspective? do they inspire you?

I am a dreamer…

I day-dream a lot. But I also dream a lot. Most of my dreams are forgotten, but some of my dreams speak to me. You’d be surprised that some of my dreams help me find solutions to unanswered questions. Most of the time my dreams are my main source of inspiration. Not all, but most. I try to make them real. But many of them are just that, dreams: nonsensical images and stories that our minds play out when we give it a break.

And that’s why I love dreams.

Because it is often when we stop thinking about something and let it go that something much more grandeur happens, a sense of reality appears, a thought becomes complete, a word is written.

This is the rough draft for my Heart of Teaching post.

I often write. Many know I blog frequently. I was looking for a topic to come up with for my next Edutopia post. Nothing came to mind. I had ideas, but I was mildly interested in exploring, let alone writing about. I decided to just call it a night. Waking up in the middle of the night, I recalled my dream and quickly took my phone and jotted these thoughts down.

These thoughts came to me as a result of a dream I had. I dreamt that in education teachers were valued for the qualities that touch the hearts of people. I dreamt that in education teachers were valued for their passions, their inspirations, for their humanity. I dreamt that education values The Heart of a Great Teacher.

I am very happy to see that so many educators believe that my dream should be a reality.

Many feel that these qualities are important in teaching and so many voiced that they should, in fact, be core qualities to look for in the hiring process of new teachers.

So why did I write this post about dreams? Well I had a dream, I wrote it and it spoke to and resonated with many teachers. Dreams say a lot about what lies in our minds and hearts. But my dream also spoke to many others. I am happy that my post reached many teachers, and some of the comments on the thread made me cry. Hearing the struggles that teachers go through everyday, yet they’re still there for their students really tugs at my heart.

Heart of Teaching

But the real reason I wrote this post is because I believe that our dreams speak louder than words about our realities. And often times we can make our dreams our realities if we give them a chance.

Let’s encourage students to have dreams, to tell their dreams and to be dreamers. Because someone really cool once said “Dreams are just lessons we haven’t yet learned” (Rainesford Alexandra). And what this means is that dreams are possibilities, they are pathways, they are goals for us to work towards making them come true.


As I am getting older, I am seeing the importance of following our passions and our dreams. And the importance of really listening to what our heart is telling us.

So I tell you this, if you have ever dreamt of something and really wanted to make it real, go ahead and try. It might be hard, it might take a lot of effort, and it might not even become a reality, but at least you tried. And that alone, would make a world of difference to *you*.

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