Apologize for being you

SONY DSCI read this article last night and it literally made me sick on so many levels. The ignorance of people and racist ideologies are one thing to deal with outside of school, but when your classmates, teachers, your entire school is racist that’s another thing.

A student recited the US pledge of allegiance in Arabic, and there is an outcry and a demand for an apology because others feel “disrespected”.

Students, the parents and the community feel disrespected because a certain language is spoken? I have heard from many different muslims that living in the states means having to learn to live with racism and bigotry. But when the eduction system supports this bigotry, it becomes a national threat. What kind of message is this school hoping to deliver? What kind of values does it stand for? How can it support all kids in learning? The truth is, it can’t. Those students are studying in a very toxic and racist environment that is unwilling to tolerate others, let alone accept and empathize. It doesn’t stand for all students, only some.

I am writing this because this happened at a school to a student. I am writing this because I am afraid to think of what this student is currently going through in school. I am writing this because what happened to this student is wrong, it’s a racist act and is downright bigotry.

The funny thing is Arabic is not even a language that is spoken in Afghanistan.

3 thoughts on “Apologize for being you

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Rusul. I saw this story yesterday, and it made me sick. Too many are giving in to fear and anger, and it’s kids caught in the middle. This is why I teach: ignorance and fear can’t be allowed to rule unchallenged.

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  2. This is shameful. America should be a land of opportunity and access for people of all nations and backgrounds. To isolate and cut off a student for attempting to participate in his or her native language is profoundly un-American. That poor child and family.


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