Students are not Allowed in Here! #ILookLikeAProfessor

This post was originally published in The Synapse.

My first day teaching at the college was nerve wrecking. I was flustered, waiting for 11:30 am to come by to finally meet my students and teach. I had all my papers in a purple binder: Photocopies of my class syllabus, weekly schedule, a print out of the lesson plan, class roster, the works!

I decided that day that I am going to stick to wearing dark jeans, a dark plum sweater dress and my new purse from h&m. Okay, guys so not top fashion but this was 6 years ago! I wanted to feel casual, and myself on the first day of teaching.

I decided to head to the main office and say hello to a few teachers, maybe even make some teacher friends and check my empty mailbox in case something exciting was there.

I walked in the main office, said hello to the secretary and on I went to the mailroom. There is a water cooler in the mailroom as well as teacher supplies.

I hear a male voice behind me, with so much conviction I almost believed him.

Read the rest of the story here.

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