Blogging as a self-reflective tool is overrated!

 Blogging in the beginning was a reflective tool, one to share thoughts and ideas while teaching, outside the classroom, or in a conversation. Many see blogging in this way, as a self-reflective tool.

Instinctually, blogging is a self-centred act. It usually centres around the self and attempts to amplify the voice of the writer.

Here’s my epiphany

What if blogging can be used to shed light on important issues and amplify voices of individuals that need to be empowered?

What if we can use our platform to give an opprotunity for someone else to build theirs?

Now that would be a powerful tool to harness. 

How to amplify & empower others? 

For me, I’ll choose to do writing as an act of sharing about others’ thoughts, ideas, lessons, and vision.

That act in and of itself empowes me as an individual to lend a helping hand to others. It also empowers me to support and produce ideas that our outside of my own thinking.

Blogging as a self-reflective tool is overrated. It’s time to make it a tool for empowerment and advocacy.

7 thoughts on “Blogging as a self-reflective tool is overrated!

  1. You know what, Rusul? This caught me by surprise. You are right on several counts. Blogging is first and foremost a self-centered practice and as a reflective tool for educators, it may well be, as you say, overrated. Using our own platform to help others build theirs is a powerful notion and one I want to think on more deeply. Thank you for giving that crucial nudge to think beyond and above the norm.

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    1. I agree Sherri! I appreciated this perspective a great deal. I might add the caviat that often times, when folks start a blog…it’s ego-centric in part due to the fact that you’re not even sure if folks are going to be reading your content. How do you advocate for a big idea….if you’re not sure folks are going to even appreciate your perspective on the small stuff?? For me, the support of my readers has made me think more critically about how I use my influence going forward. I wish I had the confidence years ago to blog as I am now. I can only hope that the things I say going forward will have some small impact on my readership in a way that truly makes a difference in students’ lives. I can’t wait to hear your own reflections on this from your blog. You always have such ensightful posts. Rusul, I am just now connecting with your content and I am finding that there are not enough hours in the day to spend learning from you! Thanks so much for helping me to grow! 🙂 I truly appreciate your perspective!

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      1. Thank you Tamara, it’s so nice to have you visit here. I agree, when we start, we’re often wondering, do people even read our thoughts and ideas for them to be influential at any capacity? I have a similar feeling of regret when it comes to starting sooner. But as you said, a positive impact, no matter how small can make a world of difference.


  2. Rusul, this is so interesting – I have lately been thinking a lot about this. Once I stopped needing my blog to help me heal as a teacher, I stopped posting much. Lately I’ve been wondering how to use it as a community builder instead.

    You might find this article interesting; I came across it today. It discusses our fixation on “making” as the most celebrated activity, to the detriment of activities such as caring for and supporting others:


    1. It’s so interesting that you shared this article, it’s actually one of my favourites. Would love to hear some of your thoughts on building a community. Share your post if you write on it please.


      1. Well, one thing I have loved to do in the past is to just throw out a question, and mine the responses for future posts and questions, in order to place the focus on exchange and dialogue. I get to learn lots of things, and I also get to showcase others’ voices. So today, after a long hiatus, I put up a post asking for opinions about the utility of college students being required to study sciences of learning. The post is here: If you have thoughts, I would love to hear from you!


  3. Love this. I think u can do two things when amplifying ideas of others, right? U help the other person whose voice you amplify and you help your readers access the ideas of that person. Triple win, because it also still helps YOU reflect and judge whose ideas are worth pushing forward and how. So i’d say maybe that considering blogging as a self-refletive tool is underrating what a blog could be…


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