Resources for #BlackHistoryMonth & Beyond

Selma March, a march of 15,000 in solidarity with Selma voting rights. Photo by Stanley Wolfson.

February is #BlackHistoryMonth and many of us feel conflicted in teaching lessons specifically designed for #BlackHistoryMonth since we should be teaching about Black History throughout the entire school year. I wanted to share some great resources for teachers who are looking to implement lessons on Black History throughout the year, and what better time to start then now?

  1. One of my favourite places to go to is Teaching Tolerance. Here are some great articles they have about #BlackHistoryMonth and some resources/lesson plans: The History Behind Black History Month: Great article that discusses the history, difference perspectives and some book resources.
  2. PBSNewsHour Extra Lesson Plans are always very useful, and more specifically, this one focuses on the conditions that led to the Civil Rights Movement and the significance of the March: The March on Washington and its Impact.
  3. This is also from PBSNewshour with lots of great lessons, especially The Introduction to Selma lesson.
  4. Teaching for Change: provides great classroom and teaching resources with an anti-oppressive lens. Check out their homepage with great links to books, articles and other resources you can use in the classroom for #BlackHistoryMonth and beyond.
  5. This Edutopia article 6 Teaching Tools for Black History Month is helpful with a resource roundup on #BlackHistoryMonth, some of the links are useful.
  6. This last link is an article written by Melinda Anderson, an education writer for the Atlantic. In it, she discusses the importance of teaching students about Martin Luther King “the man not the myth”. This article is very important as many educators have an image of a dreamy Dr. King with quotes about peace, and kindness, yet this erases the racist and cruel history of the very injustices he was fiercely fighting, rallying and protesting against.
  7. Last resource is Educolor. There are tons of great links and resources on our site to be used this month and beyond in the classroom. Also, check out the hashtag #EduColor on twitter as many articles and links are always being shared there all year round.
  8. Talks to celebrate Black History Month on TED.
  9. History Website, on Black History Month, provides videos and resources on Black leaders and events throughout history.
  10. The Immutable Impact of Black Scientists and Inventors, an article on Edutopia written by Ainissa Ramirez.

  11. Zinn Ed Project contains many resources by theme. If you click on African American, you’ll see tons of resources and articles on history and important events that occurred in Black history.

**Since I’ve published this post there are a few more resources I would like to add**

Did I miss anything? What’s your favourite resource when it comes to teaching #BlackHistoryMonth?


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