Moments of Empathy

Empathy truly touches the heart of people in many unimaginable ways and makes us see potential and believe in others. I was asked who was my favourite teacher, and I realized that it’s not so much a favourite teacher that has impacted me, but it’s all favourite moments of a display of empathy from my teachers that have stuck with me and truly impacted me as a person.

In grade 5 one of my teachers gifted a book for the summer for me, it was a harder level than my English at that time but she said “I know that by the end of the summer, you’d be reading it”. That was so powerful because I ended up reading it. Her believing me in me and displaying that belief through her empathetic actions is what drove me to read the book.Ms. Fujimoto, I’ll always remember when she asked me if those boys in my group were bothering me. They had been bullying me for a few weeks and we were in a group together. After I told her they called me names, those boys never bothered me again. There are many other memorable moments that stayed with me and made me the person I am today. They all have one thing in common: empathy.

Empathy truly does impact people in so many beautiful ways. We just need to recognize it and own it.

Being empathetic takes patience. It takes time. It doesn’t come easily. 

Being empathetic also requires us to asses our biases. What do we truly think? Why? How can we change this perspective to help us understand others? Do our own beliefs and biases prevent us from understanding and even empathizing with others? 

Reflecting inwards helps us to perform better outwards. 

When we’re empathetic, we touch more than minds, we touch hearts. And that can make a world of difference.

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